We’ll be Alright (Bref manuel de libération)

Genre: Family, Biography, History, Documentary, Short | Duration: 80 min. | MPAA: N7 | 2016 | Countries: France | Subtitles Lithuanian

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Barton Girdwood , Carissa Barrett


Kelly Compton , Frankie Presslaff , Mimsie Presslaff , Alicia Price-Presslaff , Bailey Price-Presslaff


In Sibera, Russia, 18-year-old girls Julia, Ina, Olga and Katia are transferred directly from orphanages to neuropsychiatric institutions and are deprived of their rights as citizens: no freedom, no work, and no family. On the basis of a recent law, the director of the hospital tries to help them escape this internment. Filmmaker Alexander Kuznetsov follows their long and difficult journey as they attempt to reconquer these rights in the face of fearsome Russian institutional bureaucracy. “We’ll be Alright” is their path to freedom and a leap into the unknown.