The Revolution Won't Be Televised (The Revolution Won't Be Televised)

Genre: Documentary | Duration: 110 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2016 | Countries: Senegal | Subtitles Lithuanian

Originals languages

French, Wolof


Rama Thiaw


What revolutions are made of? Old men who brutally and relentlessly cling on to their roles as heads of state have become colossally negative images in many countries of Africa, including Senegal. When President Abdoulaye Wade wanted to run for office yet again in 2011, millions of Senegalese took to the streets for democracy. One Monday morning of 2011, three friends Thiat, Kilifeu and Gadiaga took the lead of a nationwide movement “Y’en a Marre” (“We Are Fed Up”) against a self-proclaimed “president-for-life”. Rama Thiaw shows the rappers and their environment with an intimacy whose cinematographic finesse provides space and context for the thorny conflicts between music and politics, street and state. This African Urban Story goes further through… Trying to figure out how you keep your dream alive after you made history: will these 3 activists overcome as artists?