Wir sind Kuba

Genre: Documentary | Duration: 89 min. | MPAA: N16 | 2015 | Countries: Germany | Subtitles English, Lithuanian

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Far away from the familiar grand and picturesque images of Cuba, casual labourer and amateur cameraman Andres recorded everyday life in a working class neighbourhood of Havana over a period of 7 years. Filmmaker Annett Ilijew smuggled piles of tapes in and out of Cuba and edited Andres’ footage into a unique, intimate and moving film that shows the reality of ordinary Cubans on the eve of change as outsiders have never seen it before. Andres, a single father, points his small camera at his immediate surroundings: the family of his closest friend; the dissident couple next door that fights for political freedom; and at his own daughter and elderly aunt. We see the lives of these three families — marked by the daily struggle for the most basic rights and necessities against a backdrop of political indoctrination, the retreat into niche cultures, and the pursuit of small, private moments of happiness.