Silvana (Silvana - Väck mig när ni vaknat)

Genre: Biography, Documentary | Duration: 95 min. | MPAA: N16 | 2018 | Countries: Sweden | Subtitles Lithuanian

Originals languages

Lithuanian, Swedish


Mika Gustafson , Olivia Kastebring , Christina Tsiobanelis


Silvana Imam


Subtitles - Lithuanian, English

"Let’s smash patriarchy!" Swedish hip-hop artist Silvana Imam shouts through a megaphone, and hundreds of hands shoot into the air. Her raw raps are autobiographical and strongly focused around sexual identity, politics and her own immigrant background – born to Syrian and Lithuanian parents, she arrived to Sweden at an early age. She describes herself as a lesbian, feminist and anti-racist punk rapper, and calls Sweden a disgusting country: a conservative nation bursting with xenophobia. Silvana starts in 2014, the year of her breakthrough. The film also documents her romance with singer Beatrice Eli – also a "power pussy" who makes music for and about women.