Sex(Ed) the Movie

Genre: History, Documentary | Duration: 76 min. | MPAA: N7 | 2016 | Countries: JAV | Subtitles Lithuanian

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Brenda Goodman


When we learn about sex, we don’t just learn about social mores and biology; what we learn affects our identity, our relationships and our ability to be intimate throughout our lives. Many people look back at how they learned about sex, whether it was a book, an embarrassing parental chat, a school presentation, or porn, and remember their shock and embarrassment. “Sex(Ed): The Movie” captures the humor and vulnerability of those experiences while allowing us to look at the various agendas that shaped the content. To get at the truth behind the history and current state of sex education in the United States, “Sex(Ed): The Movie” examines sex education films from the 1910s up to the present day. Often hilarious, sometimes instructive, and almost always awkward and embarrassing, these films reflect the changing moral, cultural and political attitudes that inspired them.