NATIONAL COMPETITION PROGRAMME I (Nacionalinė Konkursinė Programa I)

Genre: Duration: 57 min. | MPAA: N16 | 2019 | Subtitles English, Lithuanian


What does Lithuanian short film scene look like? Such review will start with the first part of the National Competition programme. The range of films covers the wide spectrum of emotions - from cinematographic sights speaking of beauty of life and inescapable temporality, animated narrative about memories coded in hair to tragicomic story of family conflicts.

Total duration: 57 min.


One Life / Vienas gyvenimas
Documentary / 2019 / Lithuania / 19 min.
dir. Marija Stonytė

In the private farm, a bu

tterfly is born only to be sold as a prop for a concert. Its journey to the music hall reflects the struggle to survive in the modern-day civilization.


Combing / Šukavimas
Animation / 2019 / Lithuania / 5 min.
dir. Eglė Mameniškytė


Combing is a meditative act leading to contemplation and introspection. It is an animated self portrait sculpted in motion and time about memory and relationship with the other. Hair becomes a symbolic thread that connects past and present, memories and the current father – daughter relationship.


When Children Come Home / Nacionalinės premijos laureatų vaikai
Fiction / 2019 / Lithuania / 12 min.
dir. Kamilė Milašiūtė


Ieva and Kasparas, sister and brother, are locked out of their home. Their mother has shut the door from the inside and is out of reach. The older sister Dovilė is their last hope, but even with her being there, there’s nothing they can do, but wait.


Family Unit / Šeima
Fiction / 2019 / Lithuania / 21 min.
dir. Titas Laucius


Eimantas and Migle have been together for only a couple of months. Migle’s grandfather has been living in an apartment that is too big for him. That’s why Migle’s parents decide that he is finally going to live with them. In order to please his girlfriend, Eimantas comes to the grandfather’s home to help Migle’s family move all the furniture. But not every family member is happy about the presence of Eimantas.