Milla (Milla)

Genre: Drama | Duration: 128 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2017 | Countries: Portugal, France | Subtitles English, Lithuanian

Originals languages



Valérie Massadian


Severine Jonckeere , Luc Chessel , Ethan Jonckeere


Valérie Massadian, who we have interviewed, has premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and his second feature film, Mile, after doing the same in 2011 with Nana. If on that occasion earned him the award for the Best Opera Prima, this time has been lifted with the Special Prize of the Jury Film+ of the section Cineasti of the Present. In addition, also collected in the Piazza Grande to the Eurimages’ Audentia Award 2017.

Mile it is a beautiful story about awakening to the life of a girl of 17 years, someone who will see how the freedom of starting gives way to the responsibility. Valérie Massadian you are interested in these characters in the intermediate ages. We offer the ability to stop your camera on them to celebrate any aspect of everyday life that end up turning into a game and laughter. A reading of a book, a coin count, without which neither should happen, nothing more. This is the realm of the extraordinary for Massadian, when your camera shoots in the everyday life of an ordinary day, how to grow a child, for example.

To the great absence of dialogues, add as narrative resources the use major of the ellipse that makes the French director, in such a way that weapon a out-of-field that you get to settle in our imagination, like the film shown. Think about what has happened in those aspects that Massadian does not show us, is as free as the imagination that each one may reach. It gives the impression, even, that with the omission of the relative to everything that is not shown, it could be another movie.