My Body is Political (Meu corpo é político)

Genre: Documentary | Duration: 72 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2017 | Countries: Brazil | Subtitles English, Lithuanian

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Alice Riff


According to the Transgender Europe NGO and their global statistics, it is in Brazil that transgenders are most likely to be murdered. Alice Riff in this film chooses to emphasize the daily lives of four transgender people living on the outskirts of São Paulo. From the intimacy and social context of the characters, the film raises contemporary questions about trans people and their political disputes.



Visions du Réel, 2017

BAFICI, 2017

Olhar de Cinema, 2017

Torino LGBT Film Festival, 2017

Kalba / Language: portugalų / Portuguese

Subtitrai / Subtitles: lietuvių, anglų / Lithuanian, English


Alice Riff Filmography: Dialogues (2011), My Body is Political (2017).