Corpus Christi (Boże Ciało)

Genre: Drama, Duration: 115 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2019 | Countries: Poland | Subtitles Lithuanian

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Jan Komasa


After committing a hard crime, the 20-year-old Daniel experiences a spiritual awakening at the Youth Detention Center. Upon his release, a dream of becoming a priest is shattered because of the criminal record. On his way to a new job, he dresses up as a priest and accidentally takes over the small local parish. The arrival of the young, charismatic preacher is an opportunity for the local community to begin the healing process after a tragedy that happened there. But Daniel's past catches up.

„The biggest strength of the film is in its debate about religion and church as an institution, without direct criticism it expands the concept of faith and offers original take on repentance and forgiveness. Bartosz Bielenia in a main role was a great discovery – his eyes speak volumes." (Aistė Račaitytė)