The Pitch (Korobka)

Genre: Sport | Duration: 105 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2016 | Countries: Russian Federation | Subtitles Lithuanian

Originals languages



Eduard Bordukov


Sergey Romanovich , Sergey Podolny , Kirill Degtyar , Aleksandr Melnikov , Stasya Miloslavskaya


Football Pitch is the first Russian film dedicated to inter-ethnic relations amongst youths. Kostya and his friends are young and love playing street football. He is the coolest of the lot. Kostya dreams of playing professionally, but cannot bring himself to approach the coach. His girlfriend, Nastya, shares his dream, but street football is Kostya’s life, and the outdoor pitch is akin to a second home, a place for friends to meet and play. One day, Kostya’s team comes head to head with a group of Caucasians. They are lead by Damir, a professional footballer. A conflict arises between the two groups as neither the Russians nor the Caucasians are willing to share the pitch. So, they decide to hold a 3 match tournament, with the winner keeping the pitch for themselves! Gradually, the whole neighbourhood gets dragged into this tough and uncompromising tournament. The stakes grow higher and higher and there is no way back. This is no football tournament anymore; it’s war, a battle to the death!