At Home in the World (Et hjem i verden)

Genre: Documentary | Duration: 58 min. | MPAA: N7 | 2016 | Countries: Denmark | Subtitles Lithuanian

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Andreas Koefoed


“At Home in the World” is an intimate depiction of the everyday lives of five refugee children on a Danish Red Cross asylum school. The children: Magomed, Sehmuz, Heda, Amel and Ali have different nationalities and backgrounds, but they have all fled their homes with their families, arriving in Denmark with the hope of starting over. Over the course of one year, there is an 80 % replacement in one class on the asylum school. Few are granted residency in Denmark, and move out of the asylum centres to become part of the Danish society. Others are rejected and sent back to their country of origin. Some go underground and continue their lives on the run from the atrocities in their home country.