Depth Two (Dubina dva)

Genre: Drama, Thriller, History, War, Documentary | Duration: 80 min. | MPAA: N7 | 2016 | Countries: France, Serbia | Subtitles Lithuanian

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Ognjen Glavonic


By using a combination of light and sound – spoken testimonies and images of the places where the crimes took place, “Depth Two” is an experimental documentary about the mass graves in the suburbs of Belgrade. In 1999 while NATO was bombing Yugoslavia, a truck containing 53 dead bodies plunged into the Danube near the border with Romania. No enquiries were carried out. Previously, in Suva Reka, Kosovo: Serbian police herd villagers together, bodies disappear into remote mass graves. Monstrous events, each and every detail organised according to a logistics of cruelty by a state enacting a deadly secret plan aimed at its own population. Ognjen Glavonić’s “Dubina dva” succeeds in measuring truth. “Depth Two” is an attempt to resist the oblivion that has been nurtured, by uncovering, shedding the light and giving voice to those stories which are still buried in silence.