Candelaria (Candelaria)

Genre: Drama | Duration: 90 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2017 | Countries: Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Norway, Germany | Subtitles Lithuanian

Originals languages



Jhonny Hendrix


Manuel Viveros , Alden Knigth , Verónica Lynn , Philipp Hochmair


Subtitles - Lithuanian, English
Havana, 1991. Right when the embargo is at its peak, the Cold War comes to an end and the Soviet Union disintegrates. But the lives of Candelaria and Víctor Hugo continue at a slow pace. But the monotony is broken when Candelaria finds a video camera. This camera, a foreign object to both of them, subtly sneaks into their lives as the couple learns to use it to film themselves dancing, kissing and making love. This spark of recovered love helps them forget that one of them is sick. Now, everything is life. But one day the camera disappears. Desperate about losing the very thing that brought back joy to his life, Victor Hugo goes to "El Hormigueo", a dangerous place in downtown Havana where everything stolen can be found.