Together For Ever (Amžinai kartu)

Genre: Drama | Duration: 88 min. | MPAA: N13 | 2017 | Countries: Lithuania, Romania

Originals languages



Lina Luzyte


Dainius Gavenonis , Eila Grybinaite , Gabija Jaraminaite , Darius Meskauskas , Rasa Samuolyte


The plot follows an ordinary woman whose family are becoming estranged. Her daughter is a compulsive liar, and her husband seeks escape by working as a stuntman in a B movie with a third-rate film company. The chances of him dying while filming are high, and everybody in the family knows it. Tormented by the thought that she is no longer needed and is unloved by her family, the woman will go to any extreme to prove the opposite, and to keep her family together for ever.