The Council (Al majlis)

Genre: Comedy, Documentary, Family | Duration: 80 min. | MPAA: N7 | 2016 | Countries: Jordan, United Arab Emirates | Subtitles Lithuanian

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Yahya Alabdallah


New school uniforms, airtime for the mediocre pupils on the school radio and artificial grass in the school yard – some of the election promises of the candidates for this year’s student council election at a school for Palestinian refugee children in Jordan. A choice that gives rise to both heated discussions and highly creative campaign strategies. A well-groomed candidate from the fourth grade wants to do something about the violence that we see when the children are repeatedly taken to the office for having beaten and bullied each other, but also when the teachers hide the cane from the camera. In a life where violence is commonplace and where girls and boys are segregated and don’t have the same opportunities, we follow the children’s tireless negotiations with teachers, with city contractors and with rich garbage tycoons in marble offices.