Aida's Secrets (Aida's Secrets)

Genre: Documentary | Duration: 90 min. | 2016 | Countries: Israel, JAV, Canada, Germany | Subtitles English, Lithuanian

Originals languages

English, Hebrew


Alon Schwarz , Saul Schwarz


Izak Sagi , Shep Shell , Aida Zasadsinska


On the eve of Yom HaShoah, Israel's Holocaust memorial day, Embassy of Israel in Lithuania invites to the special onetime screening of the documentary “Aida’s secrets”.

About the movie:

Two brothers, Izak and Shepsel, were born in a displaced persons camp after World War II. They lived their entire lives in the shadow of secrets kept from them by the people closest to them. The brothers were separated as babies, neither was told the other existed. An investigation into the mysterious history of their birth family led to an amazing reunion after six decades. The film offers a rare glimpse into the displaced persons camps in post-World War II Germany, showing the vibrant and sometime wild social life that flourished among the young survivors. This period has hardly been dealt with on screen until now.

Free admission. No prior registration required – the entrance will be granted as long as there are available seats in the screening hall.